Major modules*

E-ink display

A flexible, super thin and energy efficient segment display. After the image is displayed no additional energy is required to keep the image on the screen. The current design supports up to 120 segments which means quite a few letters and digits (one letter consists of 14 segments and one digit consists of 7).


The card has a very thin membrane keyboard. The keys are formed like pressure pads and are on the same surface level as the card itself. Therefore it is easy to use and highly resistant to liquids and dirt.


Built into the card is an ultra thin and flexible lithium battery. This battery has an estimated lifetime of at least 3 years.


Embedded Radio frequency identification system that supports near field communication (NFC). Intellicard is ready for the implementation of future transaction systems.

Magnetic stripe

Of course the card can also contain this much used component. To enhance the security of this otherwise vulnerable system, the card CPU can re-program the information on the magnetic stripe with a regular interval. This can solve the problem of skimming.

* Some modules and components are optional and depending on the application do not have to be included into the final product.