Protection of card information

Numerous cards contain crucial information about the card on the card itself, making it very easy to copy it and create an identical but fake card.

The best example is the credit card, which contains almost all of information such as the name of the card holder, account number and CVC security code, on the card itself. These are the only elements needed for making (online) payments with the card.

The dangers of this system design are obvious, as well as the costs. In the US alone, in 2010, the costs related to credit card theft are estimated to be around 8.6 billion US Dollars.

Intellicard offers a solution – all theft sensitive information that is currently shown on the card can be ‘hidden’ inside the card. Well protected by a secure password protection, it would be shown on the display upon request.

It is also possible to use the Intellicard password to switch on or off specific card features (such as the magnetic stripe or Smart Chip).