Integrated OTP generator

One-Time-Password (OTP) is a protection system used to ensure safe access to e.g. online (Electronic) banking. It works by generating a random password that is only valid for the transaction in question, which must be used directly to access the banking account.

OTP tokens: In order to access a bank account, or complete a transaction ( e.g. cash transfer), a specific OTP token (which is often called Digipass, Random reader, etc.) is required. The user is required to fill in the codes that are generated by the OTP tokens into specific fields on an online form.

This process is highly inconvenient, because the majority of users have multiple accounts at several different banks. Therefore these users need a large number of different OTP tokens, which they need to take with them if they wish to access their accounts from different locations (e.g. at home, at work, while travelling, etc.).

Intellicard solves this problem of inconvenience by integrating the OTP token into the card.

Regular bank card + OTP token = Intellicard