Integrated OTP generator

All functionality can be embedded in the card itself. Same security level, but much easier to use.

Balance checker

No longer dependent on optional peripherals or public balance readers when you want to check the balance on your chip card (e.g. Chipknip).

Skimming protection

The Intellicard could be developed so that it automatically changes the unique information periodically on the magnetic stripe. The card will change its information so quickly that the skimmed information will become useless.

Protection of card information

On most (credit) cards all information that is needed to make a transaction is visible on the card itself, so a lost card can be easily used for online transactions. Intellicard could ‘hide’ this information and show it only to those who enter the correct password.

Multiple accounts, single card

Most people have multiple bank accounts and subsequently, multiple cards. One single Intellicard could be used for multiple bank accounts. This could limit the amount of cards people will have to carry.

* One card combining several of the above-mentioned features is also possible.